Bajot  A traditional Rajasthani Furniture

Bajot A traditional Rajasthani Furniture

Home Décor

Bajot is a traditional Rajasthani Furniture that has its own saga. There is a wide arena of traditional-style furniture, starting from a tiny stool to a huge heritage-style bed. It is really hard to choose a piece of single furniture for your decor. So, it is always smart to choose an option that can serve your all-purpose, starting from beauty to giving the utility. To sum up all the needs, Rajasthani Bajot is all functional furniture. Know how...

Experience a traditional Rajasthani beauty

Rajasthani Chowki is a beautiful representation of traditional Rajasthani culture. These traditional chowkis have hand-painted miniature, Rajputana, Mewad, Kishangarh paintings that depict the royal culture of Rajasthan. Chowki is crafted with solid wood which gives them longevity. Some of the chowkis come with nagpaya foot (the foot of the chowki is shaped like a snake) which makes it look more beautiful and appealing in ambiance.

Comfortable sitting option

The unique things about these chowkis are their height. The height of Bajot is shorter than a stool, so when you sit on it, your body gets a relaxing posture. Some of the bajots have upholstery, which

makes it a super comfortable option. You can place this in your living area in pairs or single in your bedroom as a footrest. These can also be placed in your living area if you want to enjoy a Rajasthani dinner experience.

A great space saver

Another great benefit of Rajasthani chowki is its space saver crafting. These are designed in such a way that they cover minimal floor space. Also when not in use you can push them under your bed or couch. Bajot is square in shape so they give a minimal appeal when placed in your ambiance. Being crafted from wood this traditional chowki is light in weight and portable also; if not needed in your living area then place it in a bedroom or where ever you wish to.

Beautiful Base

Another classy feature of this bajot is it can be used as a beautiful base. Place your antique vase on it and keep the bajot in a corner. As when needed remove the vase and use the chowki for sitting. You can also place your framed memory, antique figurine, heavy sized metal handicrafts. Keep bajot on the side of your bed and you use it to place a night lamp.

Multipurpose use:

You can also use it as a side table or bedside table in your bedroom. Sometimes you can also use them as a fancy laptop table as they have a perfect height. This Rajsthani chowki can also be used in your kid's room for their sitting purpose as they are not heightened. You can also use it as a study table for kids between the range of 5-10 years.

Rajasthani Chowki comes in wide varieties. If not wooden you can choose from metal options also. With great comfort, they give a beautiful glare which makes it an eye-catchy furniture piece. For a dramatic appeal in your adobe, you choose a Meenakari bajot. Although there are many options available from where you can buy this bajot. But craftsventure offers a wide range of Rajasthani Chowki at affordable prices.